Garlicy Chickpea Falafel Wraps


If you’re into light dinners like my mom and I, then this recipe is for you.

Falafel is one of my favourite Middle Eastern foods and I have it with quinoa, with hummus, on its own or in a sandwich or wrap. Today’s dinner was a healthy, garlicy, yummy Falafel Wrap! I made extra falafels that my mom and I can munch on tomorrow since we’ll be on the road all day; they store great in the refrigerator or freezer and are an easy finger food. This wrap is a ‘one hander’ (can be eaten with one hand) so if you’re on the go or travelling like we are, go ahead and make this up and you’ll have yourself a healthy meal for the road.

I must admit that I usually never bake the falafels in this recipe, I much prefer the serious crunch I get from frying them. You gotta experience this crunch too! Oh and if you love garlic like my brother and I do, you have to try this recipe tonight! I added 6 medium cloves of garlic so this is basically a chickpea garlic falafel, but if you don’t like garlic like we do, you can cut it down to as low as 1 clove of garlic… It’ll still be yum.

I keep this recipe pretty traditional with Middle Eastern spices but I throw in some Jamaican touches as well; sometimes I add escallion (green onions), thyme, rosemary or some other Jamaican herb or seasoning. This time around I used partially dried thyme, that I had drying at home but only because I couldn’t find my dried rosemary. The thyme allowed the garlic to shine but the rosemary will stand up to it and the two will have a dance party in your mouth. If you’ve got dried rosemary you should use it but don’t get me wrong, the thyme works great as well… so does the escallion.

So the spices are the usual falafel suspects, you’ve got cumin, dried oregano (which is actually a herb but what the heck), paprika and cayenne pepper.

FullSizeRender (16)

I added just enough cayenne pepper to give the falafels a slight heat because my mom is not a fan of spicy. you can add as much as you like and I reckon it’ll be good with the garlic. The assembly goes pretty quickly, I just put all the spices/herbs and seasonings (onion and garlic), an egg, some bread crumbs, salt and the chickpeas to a blender or a food processor and pulsed to get a wet, but not too wet mixture that comes together and stays together in a ball but still has chunks of onion, chickpeas and so on.


I shaped them into flat rounds and got them frying in a pan.

FullSizeRender (17)

You wanna flip them only when you see them turning brown around the edges, if you turn them too quickly, you won’t get that crunch. The crunch is very important.


After they are fried. Lay them on a cooling rack, not on paper towels because again, you wont get that crunch; they’ll just steam on the bottom if you use paper towels… and the crunch is very important.

FullSizeRender (18)

For condiments, I went pretty simple with a quick and easy homemade tzatziki sauce, chili sauce, lettuce leaves, small tomatoes which were some of the sweetest I’ve ever had! There’s just something about tomatoes that are grown with little human interaction and are left to grow among the weeds.

And I garnished with some cilantro.

Oh and check out this guy I found hanging off a tomato plant; I used cucumbers in the tzatziki sauce and found them especially flavourful and juicy! Fresh ingredients is always the way to go!


I added the chili sauce to my wrap because I like it spicy but also put some on the side in case my mom was feeling a bit adventurous. You can do the same for yourself or your friends and family who may not be keen on spicy. The tzatziki sauce can go on the side as well if you’ve got vegans around or it can be substituted with a dairy free option like avocado mayo or vegan mayo.

For the flat bread, I used store brought but I usually make my own whole wheat pita breads which are so much better! Buy or make gluten free, gluten full, tortillas, rotis or whatever kind of flat bread you desire, they’ll all work with this recipe.

Wanna make this for dinner or lunch? Click here for the recipe.

Drop me a comment! I’d love to know what you think of this one.

I hope you shine today!heart





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