Rosemary Flatbread

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I just love any food I get to pile ingredients on top of and eat with my hands. Particularly, I love pizza! But pizza isn’t exactly healthy; it’s a ton of oil (sometimes from meat), a ton of bread and another ton of oil. It’s sinfully delicious but an enemy to the waist line and the arteries. So what do you eat when you are on the straight and narrow healthy path and still crave that bread-y deliciousness? Why, you make a flat bread and top it with whatever healthy foods you want to!

So here’s the how to on the best flatbread I’ve ever had, it’s so good you won’t just want to eat it, like me, you’ll want to get rolled up tightly in its soft, flaky layers. A bit dramatic but pure face

This Rosemary Flatbread is a mixture of white (all-purpose) and whole wheat flours. I love the robust, sour flavour of wheat but I find that I like the mixture of the two flours since the white flour makes the bread super soft.

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I added yeast to this recipe since I can’t resist the flavour and smell yeast adds to a mixture of flour and water! Then it’s the usual bread making suspects; you got your sea salt, sugar (honey or maple syrup can be used), water, extra virgin olive oil and tons of rosemary. And that’s it! literally 8 simple ingredients, all of which you’ll no doubt have in your pantry and garden.

Once you’ve got your ingredients gathered, its time to mix the wheat flour, sugar (or substitute), salt, yeast and water together. When you first add the ingredients to a bowl, keep that salt far away from your yeast! Salt will kill it and you won’t get your dough to rise, no matter how hard you try.


Then add the white flour and stir with a wooden spoon or your hand if you don’t mind the feel of dough all over your fingers.

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I myself am a ‘dough all over my fingers’ gal so I bypassed a stand mixer and kneaded the dough for about 10 minutes. Go ahead and use a stand mixer with the dough hook attachment if you prefer and mix for about 8 minutes. I tested my dough for readiness, that is, readiness for the first proof (rise), by holding it up and allowing it to fall from my hands slowly; it’ll still be very sticky but should create a super long stretch when it’s good to go. Kinda like melted mozzarella cheese!

Once I’m there, I ball my dough up and lay it on a lightly floured surface and add some olive oil to the same bowl, wiped it all over the bottom and sides, then put the dough back into the bowl and left it covered in a warm place to rise. I put mine right beside my stove where something’s almost always in the oven. Super warm and a good tip for those living in colder climates. One hour to rise should do it, you don’t want to under proof or over proof the dough.


So now it’s time for the rosemary! I used two sprigs in this recipe which was pretty much 1/4 cup, so a lot of rosemary. My rosemary was partially dried but if you are using totally fresh rosemary, you wanna cut the amount down just a bit; use a little under 1/4 cup. I picked mine from my rosemary bush on Saturday and let it sit at room temperature (in the kitchen) before I used it today. If you want to dry yours a bit too, just follow this procedure and you’re golden.


I added almost all the rosemary to the dough, folded it in and made 3 balls from it. Then I let the balls rest for 10 minutes, just to regather themselves. If you don’t allow this 10 minute rest, you’ll end up with tears in your dough when you begin rolling.  I rolled out the balls of dough and added more rosemary on top.

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These got baked on the stove top in a hot pan and I brushed each side with a bit of olive oil after baking.

I have these soft flatbreads with just about anything or with anything on top! You can get creative and add whatever you like. My new obsession is having it with yogurt and honey, so simple and maybe a bit strange but so good!

Make these today! Click here to get the recipe.

I hope you shine today!heart

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