Flatbread Trio

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You remember my Rosemary Flatbread from yesterday’s post right? Well it’s back again! I Used my left over flatbread (which stores well in the refrigerator by the way) to make not one, not two but three different and equally delicious flatbreads.

These recipes are so easy that they all contain 4 ingredients or less, not including the flatbread. Use fresh ingredients and you’ll have the best version of these possible!

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Part of my bounty

First up is this sweet and savoury Blue Cheese, Guava and Pear Flatbread. It is a decadent, healthy flatbread with one of my favourite autumn fruits, guava. I have been watching my guava tree from its blossoming in Spring to finally its sweet sweet fruit I’m enjoying now. A lot of the fruits on the tree are still young but a few are ripening up and I’ve been eating them as they come.


This time when I noticed one was finally that perfect yellow hue, I decided to grill it up and add it on top of my flatbread. And boy am I glad I did! If you can’t get guavas, sub with ripe, fresh peaches.

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The blue cheese keeps it super savoury and add a nice ‘funk’, which I love but if you are partial to blue cheese, you can sweeten up the flatbread a bit more by subbing the blue cheese for mascarpone or keep it savoury with fresh mozzarella. The pear is the perfect crunch and a nice mellow flavour that still isn’t overpowered by the blue cheese and the guava is just a beautiful, fragrant, sweet fruit that pairs well with the blue cheese as well. I personally love the texture of this flatbreat and a drizzle of honey finishes it all off! I ended up adding mint leaves as well because I wanted that fresh , minty flavour but it’s completely optional.

The second flatbread is the simplest out of all three and is perfect for those sweet tooth healthy eaters. It’s just almond butter and sliced bananas. That’s it. Simple but so so good. This one’s great for kids to eat and help make. It can be an after school snack or a little treat after dinner. I added grated dark chocolate to mine and couldn’t wait to snap my photos so I could dig it! The bananas I used are of course totally organic and hand picked from my garden! I’ve got a few greener ones on the tree that I’m waiting on patiently.

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The last but certainly not the least of the flatbreads is this Grilled Mushrooms in Soy Sauce Flatbread. It is a Vegan’s ‘meat’ flatbread that any meat eater would swear is real meat! I used shiitake mushrooms which I had to go all the way to Kingston to get and it was so worth it. I grilled them up with a pinch of salt and pepper before pouring over the soy sauce. This is a flavour bomb flatbread that I must say it was my favourite. Tips to get this tasting amazeballs:

Use good quality butter or oil to grill with

Grill on high heat for only a few minutes (3-5 minutes)

Use really good quality soy sauce and add it once you turn the heat off

Use fresh shiitake mushrooms, emphasis on the fresh and shiitake.

Garnish with escallion (green onions)

If you do all this, you’ll have the same foodgasm I did!

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I toasted all my flatbreads in a toaster oven to get them nice and warm but you can skip this if you want them at room temperature.

So there you have it! A trio of flatbreads that are sure to have your tastebuds screaming for more. If you think you’ll have one or two slices, you’re wrong, in fact you might want to make an entire flat bread for each person in your household just so everything is kept fair! Haha.

Loved the sound of these flatbreads? Get the recipe here!

I hope you shine today!heart



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