Raspberry Smoothie Bowl


One of the perks of living in cool cool Mandeville is the abundance of wild purple raspberries all around. These juicy fruits grow on the street sides in my community and produce fruit all year round! As kids, my brother, cousin and I would pick berries as we walked home after school and eat them as a sort of travelling snack.

You have to be pretty skillful to maneuver your way around a raspberry bush since this plant safeguards itself by pricking you when you try to pick the fruit. And then there are the mosquitoes who seem to live within the bushes and swarm out once you get close. But the reward is pure sweetness in the form of juicy juicy berries so it ends up being all worth it. I mean, have you ever had sun-ripened, wild, organic berries that grow towards the setting sun while getting ample sunshine from the midday sun and lots of rainfall? The result is big, yummy berries you have to taste to believe.


I’ve had gallons of smoothies but I never had the bowl kind that I see on every ‘foodcentric’ website or Instagram page so I decided to pure my smoothie in a bowl this time instead of the more traditional glass. First rule of smoothie in a bowl is of course making it thicker; the best way to do this is to add less liquid. I used almond milk the first time I made this but coconut milk will work great and will add that sweet flavour that pairs so well with fruits! You also wanna get your smoothie ingredients super cold; I froze my berries but left my banana as is but you can freeze everything and chill your liquid too so you get the thickest, frostiest smoothie possible.


So the recipe is super simple and easy which is basically the drift of a smoothie of any sort, bowl or glass. It’s just berries, a banana, almond milk and blend, pour into a bowl and then top with all sorts of fruits, seeds or nuts. I opted for pumpkin seeds which are protein-packed and chia seeds which are a small, tiny pebble of complete protein (so no lack of protein here), guavas because they are the fruit of my home right now and full of vitamins, coconut flakes because I just love the texture and taste they add and of course fresh berries and sliced bananas.


I had my refreshing bowl for breakfast and it works like a hot cup of morning coffee; it really wakes you up and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for the day! It’s great as an accompaniment to a hot breakfast as well so you can have your cooked breakfast and then top it off with a smoothie bowl! Just writing this now has me thinking of a tangy, citrus smoothie bowl that’ll pep me up in the mornings even more (look out for that recipe soon enough)!

So without further chatter, let’s get into the recipe.

Raspberry Smoothie Bowl

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


A delicious and refreshing breakfast pick-me-up!


-1 fresh, ripe banana

-2 guavas

-2 cups frozen raspberries

-1 ripe banana (may be frozen)

-1/3 cup almond milk or coconut milk

-1 handful of fresh raspberries

-2 teaspoons pumpkin seeds

-1 tablespoon grated coconut

-chia seeds


  1. Slice the fresh bananas and guavas. Set aside.
  2. Add the frozen raspberries, banana and milk to a blender. Blend until smooth.
  3. Pour the smoothie into a bowl and add the sliced fruits, fresh berries, seeds and grated coconut to the top.
  4. Serve immediately.

I hope you shine today!heart


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