I’m Kristina. I’m an offbeat chef from Jamaica who loves nature and its undeniable connection to food. I make all kinds of healthy grub, often Jamaican and/or Indian inspired with wholesome, fresh ingredients!

I take or make my own photos too but please show mercy, I’m only a novice photographer.

Who is Kristina?

#1 Fan of learning and exploring through food and nature

Loves to travel but hasn’t done a lot of travelling yet… very soon though.

Loves dancing

Loves painting

Crazy about Eco-friendly practices

Believer in healthy food and healthy lifestyles

Believer in cheat days

Owner of a small cheese making company with my fiance Gordon and we own four sheep and can’t wait to welcome more dairy and farm animals.

Check out my very first blog post for a little more about me and why I started blogging.

Thanks much!

I hope you shine today!heart